Apr 27

Why Do Some Psychics Give Conflicting Readings?

Given that one has only a single future to live up to, it can be confusing when you get varying readings from different psychics. If at some point, you have turned to a psychic to seek answers to your problems, you might have found the experience so enlightening and uplifting that you choose to get a second reading. However, the second psychic might have given you an entirely different reading from the first, leaving you confused. Psychic readings may conflict each other for the following reasons.

A Psychic’s Tools

Different psychics have preferences for an array of tools. For instance, the psychic may prefer to use an Ouija board, which is primarily used to communicate with entities. If your present situation is not one involving interactions with people who have passed over, then using the Ouija board may give a false reading.

Astrology is another prevalent tool among psychics. It enables psychics to determine your personality and make predictions, based on your birthdates. If you give false information regarding your exact birth time, the reading that you get will be that of an entirely different individual.

Changes in Energy

Some psychics solely rely on an individual’s energy to give readings. Unfortunately, an individual’s energy levels are constantly changing. As such, your energy on the first psychic reading might be different from when you go for the second reading. When you deliver a different energy for the medium to work with, it is likely that the psychic readings will conflict.

Reader’s Character

Like many relationships, psychics can develop a stronger bond with one person than they would with another. If the psychic does not sense a proper connection with the client, then their readings may be off. In such situations, the psychic should be candid enough to tell that he or she cannot provide a proper reading.


Your emotions can also contribute to conflicting psychic readings. If a particular client recently lost a loved one, his feelings may distract the psychic’s reading ability as there is too much emotional energy in the way. You ought to first clear your mind and get over the ordeal before rushing to get a psychic reading.

Duration between the Two Readings

If you seek a second psychic reading from a company such as Oranum (read full review here) just a few days after the first, you are likely to have the recent reading fresh in your mind. In your second occurrence, you will phrase questions in a particular way since you are only trying to get a confirmation. This is contrary to the first reading where you kept an open mind. As a result, you may get conflicting messages from the two readings.


It is not unusual to get conflicting messages from different psychics. The reasons for this include; emotions, physic’s character, and tools.


Nov 14

How Do Online Psychic Readings Work?

tarot cardsA few years ago it was almost difficult to get the services of a psychic reader without visiting the psychic fairs in person. Today, you get your psychic readings online and still have the same effect as someone who visited the psychic houses. So, how is this possible? Here is a simple guide to help you understand how a psychic readings work.

Premeditated Perspectives

A psychic reader uses the notion of heightened perspective abilities in order to correctly produce and predict specific information about the social life of an individual. Human beings may selectively perceive or differ in their perceptions of facts, people, history, timing, popularity, likely outcomes and general abilities. This does not necessarily need face to face conversation in order to predict issues about human lives. A psychic reader has a rare ability to point out an issue that you might find difficult to premeditate as an ordinary individual.

The ancient literary awareness of the role of perceptions by psychic readers and how the truth or false on one person’s eyes may be very different from another person’s is what forms the indispensable foundation of modern psychic reading. The psychic reader’s perception is thus the result of a complex transformation of amorphous sensory stimuli that the reader uses in producing specific information concerning your life. This has helped psychic readers produce almost perfect predictions on one’s life over the years.

I came across a great web site called Psychics 4 Today, and they have some great tips for avoiding scams.  Here’s their URL: http://www.psychics4today.com

Palm Reading

Palm reading is one of the few ways that psychic readers use in extracting useful information on their clients. Modern palm reading techniques does not require physical contact with the reader. For example, since knowing the gender of your child long before birth is very important, a psychic reader might ask you to send a scanned copy of your hand with the palm lines clearly shown. The reader will then give psychic readings after analyzing the lines without necessarily calling you over to the psychic room.

The psychic pregnancy prediction, usually works on giving correct guesses of the sexual category of your child and the future that he or she will have. Various psychological processes have been offered to explain experiences of perceptible psychic prediction, Selection bias where by people remember coincidences more often than non-coincidences whose example include thinking of a specific person before the person calls on the phone is one of the processes developed to explain some of these incidents.

Lastly, it is important to realize that although technology has made it possible to get psychic readers online, some readings require physical contact for the predictions to be true. This means that you will need to walk into one of the psychic fairs where you will meet with your telepathic predictor.

Sep 21

The Right Way To Find A Psychic

PsychicA great deal of people seek out the help of a psychic, particularly when they want to discover insight into their lives, which they think they can only get by getting a reading from a psychic, who is said to be able to read the lives of various people and provide guidance. However, there is no question that if you have decided that you want to call a psychic hotline (read the reviews from PsychicGurus.org first), whether it be for a serious matter or for mere fun, it is important to do your research and make sure that they are legit before you pay them.

Are Psychics Real?

Psychics earn a lot of money and a ton of them flat out fool the public, preying on their intrigue, while delivering false insight into their lives that they likely pulled out of nowhere. The reality is that a massive amount of psychics flat out fool the public on a regular basis and there is a huge debate on whether any psychics are in fact real or not.

However, there have been a great deal of tests that have been done on various psychics and there is no question that some of them know a huge amount of things that they could not possibly have known. In fact, some psychics have been utilized in finding the remains of various people that have disappeared or were thought to have been murdered and shockingly, they found the exact locations of the bodies.

Preparing For A Reading

When you go to a psychic, they are going to analyze your life based on various methods that are individualized to the psychic. Some of them want to hold your hands and feel your vibes and others want to simply take a look at you, or look at a crystal ball to make their determinations. When it comes down to it, a ton of people have a lot of fun going to various psychics and because of this, for most people it does not matter too much whether they are telling the truth or whether they are putting on a huge facade.

However, for those people that are seeking out a psychic to truly get insight into their lives, as a lot of people head to a psychic to figure out traumatic things that have happened to them, to contact or find out what happened to a loved one, or various other things that may be affecting them dearly. For these people, instead of heading to a random psychic that you find online or in the yellow pages, you should instead try to find reviews and ratings online that would point you in the direction of a legit psychic. Doing this will ensure that you are not simply getting taken for your money and will actually get in depth and accurate insight into your life.

Sep 11

Spiritual Readings For The Beginner

spiritual“When you immerse your mind and heart in spiritual books, you will always be filled, for spiritual reading gives you a foundation in God”

Our father among the Saints, John Chrysostom

Spiritual reading is the name given to the practice of reading specific content, such as books and scripture, about spirituality, religion and God. Spiritual reading is when you choose to read literature that was written with a spiritual message. Sometimes, these writings are not written to be read with specific religious intention, but have the same effect as a piece that was.

Spiritual reading is used to enrich a person’s spiritual inventory, bringing the reader closer to god and connecting him (or her) self to a holier lifestyle. Many people that participate in spiritual reading believe that prayer is a direct way to speak to God, but spiritual reading is a direct way to listen to God.

What does Spiritual Reading entail exactly?

Spiritual readings require you to read the stories of the lives of saints and to learn from the writings of the Fathers of the Church. Theological scripts written by recognized holy people and the dogmatic writings of Church authorities are also included, as all serve to give the reader a more rounded and diverse store of understanding of the meaning of divine love and spiritual commitment. Implementing spiritual reading into your life along with both prayer and the practice of Christian virtue will elevate you to a higher level of holiness.

What can I do to incorporate Spiritual Reading into my life?

There are certain practices that are recommended when choosing to take on a spiritual reading and attitudes that should be adhered to. These are:

  • Ask God for help before you begin
  • Read to increase your love of God and not to learn new information
  • Read slowly and with attention and if a passage rings true, read it again.
  • Offer a prayer when you are rewarded by the words of God
  • End every reading when you have reached a measure of spirituality: “Carry it (the feeling of divine love) with you as you would carry a flower from a garden of pleasure.”

You should make spiritual readings a part of your daily routine to help to make the scripture’s lessons into a balanced state of living.

Why is Spiritual Reading necessary to feel closer to God?

Spiritual reading is an important way to feel closer to God because any way in which you can nourish your faith will help you to love and serve God in the way in which we were meant to. To hear God, you must listen to what he has to say and spiritual reading allows you to heed his words on a deeper level. Spiritual reading will give you inspiration for when you pray; learning about God will give you something to talk to Him about. You need to “know” your faith to practice it. We’ve all heard the adage “you are what you eat”, well in spiritual terms, you are what you read. If you want to be holy, you must read about holy people; the faith of the holy will strengthen your own faith.

Who needs a spiritual Reading?

Everybody who wishes to be closer to God needs to implement spiritual reading, but in reality, everyone can benefit from it! The Written Word of God can only do well in the hearts and minds of the people that He created. Through the apostolic writings that His life inspired and the Gospels in which describe His life, He not only teaches, but reproduces the good in which he evokes.

Christ, as we are told by Saint John Chrysostom, “is the light that shines in the dark” and in truth, in our modern society, the darkness is darker than ever. We need to bring back the light, in a bid to enlighten us with the knowledge of how best we are to serve Him, so that we might reach a more harmonious lifestyle for all. Let us love Him and bring others to love Him, too.

Sep 11

John Edwards – Real Psychic Medium or Fake?

john edwardJohn Edward is a medium who helps people connect with lost loved ones on The Other Side. He began his career by giving private readings and attending psychic fairs. Eventually he grew to prominence, appearing on many talk shows. He finally landed a SciFi channel show called Crossing Over. That show has gone off the air to be replaced by the WE show Cross Country. He speaks at lectures all over the world. John Edward is also a New York Times bestselling author. John was said to have been a psychic from a young age, and his family was unusually open and supportive of his unusual abilities.

John’s Website

John Edward maintains a website at www.johnedward.net. The website offers event announcements, a newsletter signup, and a bookstore. There’s also a store that offers CDS, DVDs, and specialty items. It’s also possible to follow John on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. The links are all on his website.


John Edward has suffered skepticism from many other famous psychics. Most criticism revolves around accusations that he uses “cold reading” techniques to gather his information. This is because he usually reads by speaking very quickly, going through a lot of information at a time until someone calls out a match to that information. However, many people swear by the accuracy of John’s readings.

It is true that famous psychics should be given an extra dose of skepticism, both because they are more expensive than most psychics and because there are more frauds among the Hollywood set. That does not mean that all Hollywood psychics are frauds. View both sides of the issue and make your own decisions. It’s worth noting that even many of John’s critics seem to feel he is a genuinely kind person, which is somewhat unusual to hear when a psychic begins gathering critics.

Scheduling Readings

There are seven different ways to get a reading from John Edward. Live seminar events start at $49. Live group events are $150. For $75 per year you can join a club called The Five and enjoy special web readings and events. John Edward and Friends intimate events are $500. You can also get John to read for a small, intimate group of 16-100 people for $300. If there are 2-15 people in your group you can get a reading for $600. If you want John all to yourself you can get a reading for $750. In order to get information about availability you should sign up for the newsletter so you’ll know when John will be in a location near you. Of course, you would not go to John for questions about your life or future. John is a good person to go to in order to get messages from loved ones on the other side or to achieve closure after someone close to you has died. John is a very specialized psychic. It’s possible one of your deceased loved ones might have messages for you in those areas, but you should visit other psychics if this is your primary need or concern in seeking psychic aid.

What is “The Five?”

The Five is an interactive newsletter. Members get a signed John Edwards book, 2 rose pins, a 25% coupon for JohnEdwards.net, community membership, and a member’s only item. Members also get access to chapters of John’s latest book, Above and Beyond, as they are written. There are also special web readings and events that only The Five can gain access to. 20 members win special prizes, including phone readings with John or the ability to get him to answer a single specific question.

Sep 11

Getting The Most From Your Psychic Reading

palm readingPeople have many reasons for wanting to have a psychic reading. It could be out of sheer curiosity and the desire to come face to face with something that is a complete mystery to them. Let’s face it, there is a certain mystique surrounding psychics and what they do. On the other hand, when people find themselves at a crossroads in their lives they often need guidance. A professional psychic can provide a perspective you can’t get anywhere else. Whatever your motivation, the better prepared you are before getting a reading the better reading is likely to be.

Getting Clarity

The most important thing about being prepared is getting clear about your intentions. Why do you want to have a psychic reading? What kind of information are you looking for? Are you just curious to see if a psychic can peer into your life with accuracy, or are you looking for guidance? There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. They are simply designed to help you gain clarity.

The Best Psychic

Once you are clear about what you are looking for in a psychic consultation, you can be more specific about the type of psychic you want. Not all psychics specialize, but some do have particular talents and training. For example, if you are seeking advice about your personal life you may want someone with training in transpersonal counseling. If you are trying to locate a lost object or person, you need someone with that talent. It is perfectly fine to ask for what you want beforehand.

Questions to Ask a Psychic

Relevant questions to ask include what kind of training they have had, what their particular talents are, what their religious or spiritual orientations are, what methods or modalities they use, and if they have references. Hiring the right psychic is like hiring any other type of professional; you want the best person for the job.

Information About Others

Some of the most common reasons people seek a psychic consultation is to obtain information about other people that they either know and are in a relationship with, or they don’t know personally but would like to know something about. For example, very often people are confused about certain relationships –they can be love relationships of any type—or they can be long lost relatives they have never known. If you want information about someone else, ask your psychic advisor before you go if you should bring an item connected with that person because sometimes it helps a psychic give a clearer reading.

Information About Yourself

You may want a psychic reading because you need guidance about the direction your life is taking. Initiated by a crisis brought on by loss like a divorce or the death of a loved one, people are often confused and need spiritual guidance. The best attitude to adopt is an open mind and heart. You may hear things you don’t want to hear, but sometimes those are the things you most need to hear. Just remember that no one can tell you what you should do but they can help you see things you may be blind to.

Regarding the Dead

Sometimes people want to communicate with someone who has crossed over to the other side. In this case, you need a medium with that capability. There is a difference between psychics and mediums; psychics can be mediums and mediums can be psychics, but not all are both. Once you find a medium, make sure to thoroughly check their credibility by checking the references. In the world of psychic and medium consultants, there is a high degree of fraud and the best thing you can do is your homework.